Our Vision

You’re only as good as your last project and at OHM, we do not take either quality or dependability with a grain of salt. As a thriving real estate developer, our team understands that emphasis must be placed on the quality of every aspect that goes into the development of our luxury projects. Buying a home is an important investment, and at OHM, it’s imperative to our team that our buyers purchase ones that do no less than align perfectly with their lifestyles. It is our mission to never stop developing homes from the ground up that provide a comfortable safe haven for all of our buyers.

Finally, we are impassioned by community development and dedicated to working with enthusiastic vendors and dependable contractors to ensure that all of our developments are built to the gold standard.

Our History

Founded in early 2013, OHM developments is a multifaceted real estate developer involved in both the residential and commercial avenues of the industry. Our company was built on the pillars of 3 driven founders who brought years of unique professional experiences together to build the OHM name from the ground up.

Since we strive to build unique developments and cater to buyers across multiple multicultural regions, it’s fitting that our team members come from a variety of different backgrounds across the globe. In fact, six different languages are spoken in our offices by our team members daily.

Furthermore, OHM owes a great amount of our success to the reliable vendors and 3 rd party management teams that we have been using since day one. By building our projects with contractors that have a spotless history of providing us with stunning results, we’ve been able to ensure quality consistency across all of our projects.

Kannan Kanagiah

President, CEO

As the President and CEO of OHM developments, Kannan Kanagiah ensures that OHM is operating at the highest levels of efficiency possible. Far from a figurehead, Kannan is quite involved in the day-to- day operations of the company. With a rich personal history that includes vast experience in the real estate development sector, Kannan utilizes his acquired skillsets and knowledge to ensure OHM operates as a top developer. Furthermore, he brings 15 years of solid cross-functional business experience to the table, including time spent working in international marketing, sales, financing, mortgages, and also in the distribution of solar and renewable energy products. Kannan’s polished expertise allows him to thrive in his role at OHM where he is responsible for property acquisition, sales, and ensuring OHM follows sustainable building practices.

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