Green Valley Estates (East)


An air of peace washes over the Newtonville development that stems from its rural locale. However, the Newtonville homes are far from being removed from society. Within the Durham region, Newtonville exists in recluse, but residents have quick access to Highway 401 to streamline any outings to other neighbouring municipalities. Furthermore, residents of Newtonville have unbridled access to the Sylvan Glen conservation area, George Hamilton public school, and New Hope United church.

Newtonville is bursting with historical relevancy. Spend an afternoon broadening your knowledge on the story of Newtonville by exploring all the town’s popular historical sites.

The Sylvan Glen conservation area, just outside of Newtonville, is the ideal location to enjoy a serene afternoon brisk walk or high-octane bike ride amongst lush greenery.

The nicest thing about moving to a small town is becoming involved in a close community. The Newtonville crowd is tight-knit and known for putting on exciting events that bring the town together, all in the name of community.

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