3 Recent Trends in Residential Construction

Each year, home developers work to innovate their practices in order to build state of the art houses for house hunters across the country. At OHM, we are constantly searching for new ways to build while evaluating what worked and did not work for us in the past.

Regardless of where you are in Canada, construction trends remain consistent and powerful across the board. What’s popular in the Yukon is for the most part, also universally adored on Prince Edward Island.

Furthermore, housing is one of those things where once a group of people receives word of a new trend, whether that be from a real estate blog or word of mouth, the trend spreads like wildfire.

This is exciting and motivating for us as OHM, as it encourages us to continually expand our idea of what design aspects go into creating evolved and advanced luxury homes.

In fact, in all of our research we’ve found the following 3 trends to be immensely popular in residential construction:

Smart Homes

As we’ve discussed before, “smart homes help homeowners control multiple household appliances and systems by harnessing the power of modern technological innovation. But the magnificence doesn’t stop there; in fact, smart homes may be saving the planet. These households operate with increased efficiently compared to the average house, so therefore they are more environmentally sustainable.”

The following are some of the top benefits of living in a smart home:

  • Advanced security systems notify owners when suspicious behaviour is spotted on the premises. They additionally utilize fingerprint technology and key cards to allow entrance into the home.
  • Some smart homes turn on all of the household lights when the fire alarm begins blaring, to ensure that residents can escape their homes as quickly as possible.
  • Smart Homes allow owners to control their appliances at the click of a button. This feature allows homeowners to stop worrying about leaving the oven on or feeding the cat while they’re away on vacation!
  • The accessibility of smart homes is one of their top highlights. Residents can instruct voice commands to their smart home, saving senior homeowners trips to and from the system to adjust the settings.
  • The sustainability of smart homes is truly unparalleled by any other housing practice. These cutting edges houses constantly work to conserve energy – which in turn lowers bills for homeowners. Some examples of this include automatically shutting off the lights when rooms are empty and showerheads that use less water but maintain powerful water pressure.
  • Although you may not be looking to sell your home just yet, smart homes typically have an immensely high resale value due to their advanced technology.

Mellow Paint Colours

Paint colour can make or break a room. Think were exaggerating? Then you’ve clearly never feasted your eyes on a fluorescent orange kitchen or a lime green bedroom. The point being, the importance of paint colour cannot be understated! This year, experts are predicting an influx of mellow coloured houses. You can expect to be seeing a plethora of muted purples, greys, greens, yellows, and even maroons.

Healthier Air Quality

Taking steps towards achieving genuine health isn’t so effective if the air you breathe at home is low quality. Think about how many hours you spend at home each day and night and consider the importance of breathing clean air during that time. The truth of the matter is, many older houses do not have efficient or clean ventilation systems, which in turn affects the health of homeowners.

Residential construction trends signify that builders are aware of this issue and are working towards eradicating it. In fact, many developers are now forgoing traditional wood that is prone to mold in favour of insulated concrete forms that do not emit CFCs.

As a house hunter, you have the ability to take advantage of and truly appreciate these construction innovations in all of their innovative greatness. If you’re looking to buy a home from a builder that is keenly focused on staying up to date with sustainable construction practices and building dream homes for all of its clients, contact one of our OHM representatives today!

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