Top 6 Reasons to Live in Scarborough

While some people enjoy the comfort of living in the same town for their entire lives, other movers and shakers prefer to bounce around until they find a place to live where they feel truly understood and at home.

The process of deciding where to settle can feel quite overwhelming. In Ontario, choosing between all of the great cities can feel like you’re at a delicious buffet trying to choose which dish to sink your teeth into.

While pristine places such as Newtonville, Stouffville, and Guelph are equally as exceptional, there is a special place in many hearts for the town of Scarborough.

Due to the popularity of the area, OHM has built custom luxury homes in the heart of it. If you’re pondering the idea of relocating and purchasing a home in the vibrant city of Scarborough, here are OHM’s top 6 reasons to live there:

Affordable Living

During a time where many Canadian housing markets, such as Toronto and Vancouver are blocking the average household from being able to purchase a detached home, Scarborough housing prices remain reasonable. Although it is within close proximity to the enormous city of Toronto, Scarborough maintains a housing market that is accessible to first time buyers.

Rather than opting to live in the downtown core, Scarborough residents can simply remain just a subway ride away from it while avoiding obscene mortgage rates!

The Great Outdoors

For those nature lovers who cannot get enough of the great outdoors, Scarborough is the place for you. At the Scarborough Bluffs, residents can find the perfect stones to skip while observing the areas steep cliffs and vast wildlife presence. Everything from deer, beavers, swans, and even blackbirds are frequently spotted at the bluffs, so keep your eyes peeled! Furthermore, the Rouge Park Conservation area is the perfect place for a trail walk, with towering trees to canopy hikers and canoe rentals for those who enjoy spending time on the stunning Lake Ontario.

It’s a Safe Haven

While Scarborough has received a reputation for having high crime rates, these rumors are unfounded. In fact, trends have detailed how the town has lower violent crime rates than its neighbouring city of Toronto. In fact, many city councilors have spoken out about how the representation of Scarborough as a dangerous place is unfair and untrue – so don’t believe the hype, this town is as safe as can be!

Close to the Big City

While you may not be the type that would enjoy living in the densely populated city of Toronto, if you move to Scarborough you can still have access to all its amenities – which you must admit, is a real bonus! As opposed to living in a remote area, Scarborough provides its residents the opportunity to benefit from all the culture that Toronto has to offer. The TTC and GO transit lines operate to and from Scarborough and Toronto each day, so that the trips back and forth are convenient for all.

Fantastic Shopping Scene

If there’s something that is often underrated in Scarborough, it’s the city’s wonderful shopping scene. The Scarborough Town Centre is a massive mall that boasts designer fashions that are perennially in style. Spend a day there and you’ll see for yourself just how trendy this town can be!

It’s Constantly Growing

Finally, we at OHM do not underestimate the importance of living in a town where steady growth is taking place. As a manufacturing hub, Scarborough thrives on its internationally boosted economy. Since the economy in the town is so advanced, development in Scarborough never rests, and new and improved infrastructure continues to come to fruition each day.

Sold on Scarborough? We might have guessed, as the lovely town possesses everything that a house hunter could ever dream of! Simply contact one of our representatives at OHM developers today to view our state of the art listings nestled in Scarborough!

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